Hello I'm Nour!
I am an Undergraduate Yale student passionate about the arts, primarily photography, and design. I spent years trying a variety of art forms from painting to charcoal, to pottery- till I found a love and home within photography. 
Nourograph is a space and culmination with which I share my art with. The name Nourograph comes from my name, Nour, and the word photograph. In Arabic, Nour or نور  means "light". Photograph originates from the Greek word "Photo" which also means "light". 

In turn, I want to spend my time cultivating art that is seen as light and brings light to people.

As I continue, I would like to progress my passion for art and design and work on more photoshoots, magazines, films, etc. I am currently expanding my art through being Chair of Yale's Spring Fling, which motivates my artistic expression. I look forward to creating more art and sharing it! 
To see more check out Instagram: @nourograph

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